Thursday, October 16, 2008

A new adventure....

Today I got an email from my friend, Heidi, in Spokane. She's going to start training for a triathlon! How exciting!  Heidi - if you're reading this, you've got all the support of all the many many people who read my blog!  (um.....  )

Anyway, and just to give an update on this front, I've taken a break from triathlon training... I think I got a little burnt out after the 2nd event in May of this year... and then I got pregnant!  So my workouts have taken a turn to lots of yoga and lower impact exercise.  I actually haven't even been outside on my bike since Wildflower, sadly!  But I've got a growing baby...  Just another of life's adventures!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pure Inspiration

This blog is not about the pure inspiration to train harder, compete, or even having anything to do with the triathlon. It's about trusting your gut and listening to your body.

As you can see, I haven't written on this blog in a couple months. But tonight I received an awesome comment from an anonymous reader. Because it's anonymous, I've copied it below:

"So I stumbled across your blog entry on obsessed triathletes. I totally agree on how it takes the balance away from life. I'm struggling now on training and family. I get that overwhelming guilt when missing a practice or sleeping in. I find that I have to defend myself when it comes to my training partners. I get the eye roll when I decide to do a sprint instead of an olympic distance. Who am I doing this for anyway, me or the other triathletes. Enough said, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that feels as you do in your blog. Stay strong!"

Life works in amazing ways. Tonight I chose to NOT do a triathlon that I'm registered in September, Sentinel in Santa Cruz. I also chose NOT to participate in the swim leg of a relay in a couple weeks. My heart is just not in it right now. I've competed, I did a couple triathlons, and I know - it takes a tremendous amount of heart, sweat, determination, focus, and commitment. The exercise is actually the easy part.

Anyway, to whoever wrote that comment.... you made my evening.

Back to "pure inspiration," it's about listening to your gut and your body. Right now, I don't want to compete. And when I told my coach (a different one than before), he was so supportive. While I know he'd love to train me to compete, there's no guilt trip, disappointment, anything like that. Plus he noted tonight that I look happier than he's ever seen me.

So, this doesn't mean no more exercise... I've actually enjoyed my long runs and swims more in the recent weeks than I ever did when I was training. For now, I think I'll just focus on getting in a good workout every day - a workout that I WANT to do...  and just be ok with not training for a triathlon.

Thank you to the anonymous comment and thank you to my coach, Jeff.

Friday, May 23, 2008

3 Weeks AFTER Wildflower

Ideally, I would have given this detailed update on my experience at Wildflower, but the day I got home, I got food poisoning. I was out for most of the week pooping and puking (at the same time!)... and needless to say, I had very little energy or desire to do anything except sleep.

But Wildflower was awesome! I totally kicked ass. I had expected to come in in 4 hours, but my total time ended up being 3:29. I was stoked! Here are my stats:

1 mile swim: 31 minutes
26 mile bike: 1 hour 42 min
6.2 mile run: 1 hour 6 min

So for my first Olympic distance, I crushed it. My husband, mom and sister were there, I had plenty of time in the morning to get mentally prepared and listen to my favorite Rocky theme song, and to just get into the zone. And it apparently worked.

As for what's on the horizon.... I'm not really sure. I have only worked out about 1x/week since Wildflower. I'm not sure what that's about, other than the fact that I've just been enjoying spending more time with Kevin, having more time to catch up with things at home, spending more time making videos, and just taking a break.

But it's now May 23rd (i think), and I'm starting to feel a little guilty (and puffy), so i think it's probably time to pick another couple events to train for... or knowing myself, I'll quickly turn into a sedate loaf.

I'm considering doing the San Francisco 1/2 Marathon on August 3rd, the Pacific Grove Olympic or Sprint Triathlon on Sept 13th, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel Olympic Triathlon on Sept 21st. We'll see... I think I'll decide this this weekend what I plan to commit to.

On another note, Kevin and I are "opening our minds" to the thought of having kids... more to come on that.... AND I think we're making an offer on our first home together - today. It's a beautiful home tucked in the woods of Mill Valley. So stay tuned on that front....

Thank you to everyone for all of your support in my triathlon experience! I truly appreciated everyone's best wishes for me - I felt every single good thought you've shared!

Friday, May 2, 2008

On my way to Lake San Antonio!!!

Kevin and I are on our way to the triathlon!! We leave in about 5 minutes to pick up my bike and then head down south. My race is on Sunday and I start at 10:30am.... so for those of you who've been following me on this adventure, please send good vibes and lots of energy on or around Sunday at 10:30am PT... (and if you can just keep sending those vibes for about 3-5 hours, that would be Grrrrrreat!)

Stay tuned for a new triathlon video from me... AFTER Wildflower!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Six Days to go.....

Wildflower is in only 6 days.  I started really freaking out on Saturday, prior to my 1 mile swim in Acquatic Park, which went surprisingly well.  I actually felt like a seal gliding through the water. The cold didn't sting like the first time.  And it felt freeing to be out in the bay... probably because i had so little control.

The last couple weeks have been difficult.... not because of the training, but because of my increased work load, conferences, and just trying to keep up with balancing everything that is involved in being a HUMAN BEING.  

My coach is abnormally invested in my success for this event... as much as my dad was invested in making sure i didn't get fat when i was a teenager. While I'm so grateful to have such a dedicated trainer, it's also shocking to have someone so in my shit! I just have to remember that come Sunday, I'll have put in my 100% best given that this is my first time around at this intense of an event.  (writing this helps me convince myself...)  

What's done is done....i've got a few workouts left for the week and a sports massage tomorrow night and all i can do is drink my body weight in water, sleep sleep sleep, breathe and trust that i'll make it through this.

I've had a couple friends and family already reach out to me and send me good vibes...
  • Katie Davis, a friend of mine at Sun
  • My mom and sister, Cristina - both of whom were afraid a shark might attack me. (My race is in a lake.).
  • Alix, my other sister - who wants me to come over for a "carbo-load" this week... sounds good to me! I never pass up a good, heavy meal of carbs!
  • Rebecca Baker, the first trainer I had in 2007 that helped me get back into exercising again. It was her very steady and consistent approach that helped me find my mojo.  Slow and steady always wins.... and never ever EVER giving up.
  • My dad who calls about once a month and lets me brag about all my little achievements with this challenge.
  • and of course, my poor husband, who has endured every single day of me waking up at wee hours of the morning to workout, listened to my groans as I howl to stand up, sit down, walk, etc... , watched my constant battle with sugar (and seen me repeatedly lose), listened to my endless talk about the upcoming event, my competitive nature, my are-you-out-of-your-effing-mind thoughts, all my experiences in training - the highs, lows, etc... (thank God for my husband.)
Anyway, Wildflower is 6 days away....   any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.


Monday, April 14, 2008

T Minus 22 Days

A chilly and windy morning here in San Francisco. Last week was pretty good with regards to training. While i only got in 2 rides, 1 swim and 1 strength session on Monday through Friday, I did a triple brick workout on Saturday and a 40 mile bike ride on Sunday. Saturday was INTENSE. We swam (for my first time) at Acquatic Park in the San Francisco bay. I had a wet suit on (which is still crumbled up on my floor), but the shocker was the ice cold sensation on my face. I had to run in and and out 4 times before i was even slightly comfortable with the new sensation of pain that i was feeling. And "comfortable" is not even the right word to use.... i just can't think of a better word right now.

We followed the swim with an ascending/descending clinic and drills around Baker Beach and the Presidio. Not a big deal - but i still am uncomfortable getting into my drops. And when I start picking up speed and the bike starts to shake a little (as if i'm about to fly off the road), i get nervous.

Lastly, we did an hour run from Sports Basement in the Presidio to the steps at Baker Beach. That wouldn't have been that bad except for the fact that I hadn't eaten or really drank much in about 4 hours, and even worse - it was about 85 degrees. I really struggle in heat.

On Sunday, Mike Wilson and I head up to Lucas Valley Road at Lassen to meet Joel and Keith for a 65 mile ride. However, (thankfully), Mike and I showed up about 10 min late so the others took off without us.... which was fine by me! I had NO desire to 1) ride 65 miles in 90 degree heat, and 2) even ATTEMPT to keep pace with Joel and Keith. Just a little reminder... i've only been riding a road bike for 3 months now! I'm NEW! And before yesterday, I had never gone more than 25 miles, so I'd consider it a bit of an accomplishment.

I followed my weekend's activities with a nice 10 minute ice bath at home, and then off to the Nob Hill Spa with my sister and Sarah to celebrate my birthday with a massage and dinner after. It was awesome! Lots of good laughs, as usual.

22 days until Wildflower. I can't believe it. For these next 3 weeks, hydration and good nutrition will be critical, as will getting in my swimming and running workouts. And I'm already looking forward to Post-Wildflower.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

To keep running...

Today was different. For the first time, I just wanted to workout alone, and not with the usual gang.  I passed on the Saturday team run and instead drove over to the Presidio to run some of the trails I used to run on.  It was actually really nice.  The weather was perfect, there are so many newly groomed trails, and i was able to get much more hill work in than I normally do on Saturday's down at Crissy Field.  

I plan on doing another trail run tomorrow too but most likely in Marin.  I think I prefer trail running to street running, not only because it's so gorgeous, but because it requires much more concentration on where I step... which seems to help take my mind off the fact that I'm actually running.  And before you know it, 45 minutes has gone by.

So my insight for the last 24 hours..... I picked up a book last night - one of those inspirational women books where people like Ann Curry, Maya Angelou, and some others who I don't recall wrote letters to themselves in their younger years. I just skimmed through it, but there was a common theme - they all wrote about how they wished they weren't such perfectionists with themselves, that they wished they weren't so judgmental to themselves, and that they wished they had listened more to their real passions.... All that resonated with me for SURE.  But it was actually interesting because as i was on my run alone this morning, it made me think, what would I write to myself? If I could speak to me at 25, of all the things I did and didn't do, the #1 thing that came to mind that I would have told myself to do:  Run everyday. If it wasn't every day, that'd be ok, but run.  To not every give up working out and physically pushing myself.  And to realize that the sweat and challenge is what helps me tap into my greatest strengths.  Ironically, the challenge to make myself stay consistent with exercise has always been one of my biggest challenges. If it were easy, I'm sure the populations obesity rates would not be nearly as high.  

Anyway, that thought helped me keep running today. Because in the big picture, I can keep putting one foot in front of the other... The big picture being that I turn 35 this week.  Looking back, it would have been easy to make and keep exercise as a core part of my life for the last 10-15 years.  I bet I would have been different - have made different decisions in my life.