Monday, April 14, 2008

T Minus 22 Days

A chilly and windy morning here in San Francisco. Last week was pretty good with regards to training. While i only got in 2 rides, 1 swim and 1 strength session on Monday through Friday, I did a triple brick workout on Saturday and a 40 mile bike ride on Sunday. Saturday was INTENSE. We swam (for my first time) at Acquatic Park in the San Francisco bay. I had a wet suit on (which is still crumbled up on my floor), but the shocker was the ice cold sensation on my face. I had to run in and and out 4 times before i was even slightly comfortable with the new sensation of pain that i was feeling. And "comfortable" is not even the right word to use.... i just can't think of a better word right now.

We followed the swim with an ascending/descending clinic and drills around Baker Beach and the Presidio. Not a big deal - but i still am uncomfortable getting into my drops. And when I start picking up speed and the bike starts to shake a little (as if i'm about to fly off the road), i get nervous.

Lastly, we did an hour run from Sports Basement in the Presidio to the steps at Baker Beach. That wouldn't have been that bad except for the fact that I hadn't eaten or really drank much in about 4 hours, and even worse - it was about 85 degrees. I really struggle in heat.

On Sunday, Mike Wilson and I head up to Lucas Valley Road at Lassen to meet Joel and Keith for a 65 mile ride. However, (thankfully), Mike and I showed up about 10 min late so the others took off without us.... which was fine by me! I had NO desire to 1) ride 65 miles in 90 degree heat, and 2) even ATTEMPT to keep pace with Joel and Keith. Just a little reminder... i've only been riding a road bike for 3 months now! I'm NEW! And before yesterday, I had never gone more than 25 miles, so I'd consider it a bit of an accomplishment.

I followed my weekend's activities with a nice 10 minute ice bath at home, and then off to the Nob Hill Spa with my sister and Sarah to celebrate my birthday with a massage and dinner after. It was awesome! Lots of good laughs, as usual.

22 days until Wildflower. I can't believe it. For these next 3 weeks, hydration and good nutrition will be critical, as will getting in my swimming and running workouts. And I'm already looking forward to Post-Wildflower.

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