Tuesday, April 1, 2008

33 Days to Wildflower

... and ticking.

My training hasn't been 100% perfect... and in fact I've missed a few workouts from my last couple weeks. But I'm averaging 6 days/week, so for me, that's incredible! And while I'm not following things to a "t," I feel strong... but a little puffy. Probably since I haven't cut out the sugar and alcohol all together yet. I really think if i did that, i'd probably feel at least a 10-15% increase in my quality of performance.

So i'm going to. starting today. I woke up this morning thinking about it... (the thought of removing sugar is worse than getting work done on my teeth!) Anyway, at 4:34 am as i woke up, i realized, there's probably never going to be a time where i'm intrinsically motivated to stop having my favorite cookies, brownie bites or Ben & Jerry's ice cream! So i think it's just one of those things i just have to accept - yes, it's hard, and press on!

Another thing... New Balance has a new campaign that I saw on a commercial last night. It's very good... has a man running and talks about how we have to recommit to ourselves every day to keep our relationship to exercise going. I think that is so true. I think I thought that one day I'd just have exercise deeply be a part of my life, but I swear, nearly every day it is a struggle to commit. It's funny - even last night around 4:45 as I was getting ready to leave for my computrainer class, that little voice inside was screaming to "stay home, work on final cut pro, clean up the office, write those outstanding wedding thank you cards, etc..." But once i walked into Breakaway (where I workout), and saw Joel, Robin and a few others, there's no other place I wanted to be. And while the class is always a challenge, it felt kind of good last night. And I felt strong! (Even made it to 599 watts in our speed drills!) So I did a 90 min workout, burned 700 calories, and got to hang with my friends.... plus i get all amped on endorphins after i workout... so it wasn't so bad!

I just wish i didn't have to go through that "recommit" stage every day so intensely. Where do those "i don't want to workout" thoughts even come from??? If you saw me during or after a workout, you'd never know i was the same person who was questioning my desire and willingness to workout.

Anyway, 33 days to Wildflower. It's a critical time. According to the books and my coaches, I've probably built as much base as I'll be able to build. I think i just have to be consistent with my workouts, pay real attention to what foods/beverages I consume, and start doing some mental training to prepare for May 4th. More updates to come....

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