Friday, February 22, 2008

"Do or do not... there is no try." Yoda

I actually started this blog about a week ago, but as with most of my blog attempts, after creating it, a sense of writer's paralysis took over my mind... hence the week delay.  As my overview says, I'm a newbie to the world of multi-sport events and in May 2008, Wildflower will be my first triathlon.  Why am I doing this?

  • Because I can.
  • Because while I say I know i can -- that I'm capable, I also know I won't really KNOW I CAN until I DO.
  • Because when I see all those challenged athletes out there kicking ass in these events, it makes me think - "what the hell am I doing with myself???"  

I'm training with the Breakaway Performance team in San Francisco, and while it's awesome to have a group to workout with, I'm definitely the "new girl on the block" in every way.  For one, most of these people have been competing in multi-sport events for many many years.  And while I really appreciate everyone's insights, coaching and and experience, it can sometimes be very humbling.  Like this morning.... we did an hour + course on the computrainers. Out of 5 people, I was by far the slowest.  I swear that as much as Joel, my coach, told me to pick up the pace and wattage, there was this very angry voice in my head saying "What in the hell are you thinking??? Why are you even here - on this bike - in the morning??!! Ever!??? Why are you letting yourself feel discomfort when you can be soundly tucked in bed catching zzzzzzs????"  (I assume that's normal?)  

The training process of a triathlon is very interesting to me. Prior to taking on this adventure, and for most of my adult life, I've felt like I've always had too many things going on - too many phone calls to return, letters to write (wedding thank yous - STILL), work to be done, parts of the house to clean, people to call back, email, etc...  And then, in January, I decided to add a triathlon to the mix.  But all those "things" and "to dos" never went away - in fact, some of them are just growing wings by the second.... 

As we started our ride this morning, one of our more seasoned riders, Robert, brought up (out of nowhere) - the concept of "less is more" with respect to the triathlon training process. Apparently there's some famous saying that our coach, Joel, used to often say on this, (but he can't remember). Either way, something about the concept of less being more is resonating with me through this process.  Training for a triathlon requires a great amount of organization, attention to detail with everything related to your body - what and when you eat, drink, sleep; what you choose to give energy too, i.e. work, relationships, sometimes bad relationships, bills, the IRS, whatever.... And it just leaves me wondering what things I should consider eliminating from my life in order to make things a little bit less stressful and cluttered. Just something to think about for now.... after all, i only have so much energy - and those bike rides, swims and runs are kicking my ass.

10 weeks to go.

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