Monday, March 17, 2008


I'd like to say I'm appreciating my new lifestyle with such a heavy exercise component to it, but I have to admit, I'm a victim to the cookie, the ice cream, the dark chocolate with slivers of orange peel, ... basically anything with sugar in it.  

While I'm training for Wildflower (which is only 7 weeks away!) I can't help but feel dragged down by my poor nutrition. Don't get me wrong... I have "good days"... and those basically mean that I eat 3 balanced meals a day (carb, fat, protein) and a couple snacks for pre & post workouts...  But for all the good days I have, I have probably 2-3 "bad days."  Just to be clear what a "bad day" really is:
Breakfast: apple, low fat greek yogurt, toast w/ almond butter & sugar free jam
Snack: 4 peanut butter cookies
Ran 4 1/2 miles
Lunch: salad with tons of fresh veggies, toast w/ mustard and turkey
Snack: 2 peanut cookies
Snack: piece of break with peanut butter
Swam 42 laps
Snack: 3 peanut butter cookies
Waiting for dinner.... a glass of Chardonnay

Hmmmmmmm.... what's up with the peanut butter!!!???

Anyway, when I was on my jog today through this gorgeous, amazing city that I get to live in, it occurred to me that maybe rather than write in my little Triathlon Training Diary that "I will NOT eat sugar," maybe instead I can take a NEW approach... something that actually isn't a total set up for failure!  

My new idea...... What about saying - "sure - i probably will still try to eat my body weight in cookies - even though I'm putting my body through such strenous training. BUT, what if I commit to creating videos (which i love to do) about things like the affects of sugar on training for a triathlon, the affects of good/bad nutrition on sports performance, etc... I can do that!  So with that said - I will commit to creating at least 1 informative video between now and Wildflower based on the numerous books and reference material I read everyday.  (One would think I'd GET IT after all that I've read.) But I really think that sugar is up there with meth, crack, ice, boom, pow..... 

So, look out.... i'm gonna start educating. (but don't hold your breath....  it may take a while to pull this thing together.)

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