Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I threw away the cookies.

So I think I had about 9 cookies on Monday, 6 cookies on Tuesday, and I definitely ate 4 cookies today... and it's only 10:58am.

I had to throw them away. It's my greatest weakness in my training. It's the sugar. I can't fight it... I mean, i suppose I can, but I just keep losing. Unless it's completely removed from my house, guaranteed, I will eat as close to my body weight in high-sugar content foods as is humanly possible.

After ditching the peanut butter cookies, I chose an orange. That was more filling anyway - and I don't want another one.... much unlike my experience with those damn cookies.

On a less gluttonous note, there's less than 7 weeks to Wildflower. While my biking is strong (considering my first outdoor ride on a roadbike was February of '08!), I'm actually still in the Base Training stage of both my running and swimming. Not ideal, but I'm doing the best I can to juggle work, my personal life, and also prepare for an olympic distance triathlon. Considering this is my first of this distance, I think i'm doing fair to alright. Plus our head coach, Joel Ramirez, is back from his honeymoon, so i'm sure he's gearing up to bust some skulls getting us ready for the big event.

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