Saturday, March 22, 2008

What the Trainer Said....

Today was a brick team workout with my coach, Joel Ramirez. He's been gone for a few weeks... off getting married to one of the coolest women I've recently met. Anyway, I've been sans "Joel" workouts for about 3+ weeks and I think he was nervous to find that maybe our base wasn't as strong as it really was. We swam for an hour and then did a special strength and running class for 75 minutes focusing on intensity and speed. Even though my total weekly hours have been low for the last 3 weeks (approx 8 hours total), I think I surprised him today. I did the 100M swim in 1:17 and the 500M in 8:42. He didn't freak out that that was bad, so I think it's "ok!" And I felt pretty good on our quick run too.

But most importantly, Joel pulled me aside and told me that though I'm new to this sport, next year he's going to really push me... that he thinks my competitive nature sets me apart and will help me do very well in the multisport events. I LIKE IT! Of course, my first response was "Will I win!???" Maybe not in California, but somewhere!

All that said, Kevin and I really want to try to have kids this year. My coach is begging that I hold off until after the "Season"... which is December 1st. But I'm starting to get that itch! I want kids! And I would love to be one of those bad ass mom's that works out throughout my pregnancy and is running a stroller, swimming and doing everything possible to stay active and immerse our child into that lifestyle as well. That's the challenge!

So we'll see - if all stars align, Kevin and I will be blessed with a little Finnster - AND I'll be able to still kick ass in the triathlon. It's been done before by many strong women. I think I can pull it off as well.

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