Friday, March 21, 2008

Typical "Obsessed" Triathlete.....

I am Not.  

I kind of wish I was - or at least that I had a little more juice in me, but I tried, and it didn't really work for me.  

About 5 weeks ago, I had 2 really hard core weeks where I did 12 workouts each week.  And it was hard! Not just physically, but logistically! How on earth are you supposed to get in time to work? And what about my poor husband!? That 12 workout week lasted until my first sprint triathlon.  Something strange happened to me... i think i realized just how hard this event is, but I think it also took a little of the mystery away for me.  I feel slightly less freaked out and anxious about it now than I did in those couple of "manic" weeks of mine.  However, I've also lost that "must-workout-at-all-costs" attitude.  And I like it. I really like having BALANCE to my life. And I don't want to eat, sleep, and drink the triathlon. I want to hang out with Kevin, snuggle up on the couch some nights watching American Idol, go out to dinner and meet up with friends, and sleep in every once in a while!    

So i guess I'm a little conflicted.  While my time in training has been short, I do feel like there's a hard core, manic, obsessive aspect to triathlon training that doesn't really work for my life today.  My whole motivation for training anyway was to help me establish balance and order in my life. But if the pendulum swings from 100% work to 100% triathlon, then I think my efforts at balance have failed.

All that said, I took yesterday off and skipped our team ride this morning. But I'm kind of looking forward to a nice long run and swim, alone, in this beautiful San Francisco weather today. Lesson learned: My triathlon training and schedule has to be something that works for ME.  

I'd like to learn more about how people make training for a triathlon not monopolize their life. Is it possible to just put in 10 workouts a week and not suffer through an olympic distance triathlon??? Is it normal to feel guilty if you take a day off if it's not built into your scheduled training week? What about 2 days off?! This is quite a process - and has taken all aspects of my mind, body, and spirit over the recent months. Yet while it's been a challenge, it's also definitely been worth the ride.

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Anonymous said...

So I stumbled across your blog entry on obsessed triathletes. I totally agree on how it takes the balance away from life. I'm struggling now on training and family. I get that overwhelming guilt when missing a practice or sleeping in. I find that I have to defend myself when it comes to my training partners. I get the eye roll when I decide to do a sprint instead of an olympic distance. Who am I doing this for anyway, me or the other triathletes. Enough said, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that feels as you do in your blog. Stay strong!