Monday, April 28, 2008

Six Days to go.....

Wildflower is in only 6 days.  I started really freaking out on Saturday, prior to my 1 mile swim in Acquatic Park, which went surprisingly well.  I actually felt like a seal gliding through the water. The cold didn't sting like the first time.  And it felt freeing to be out in the bay... probably because i had so little control.

The last couple weeks have been difficult.... not because of the training, but because of my increased work load, conferences, and just trying to keep up with balancing everything that is involved in being a HUMAN BEING.  

My coach is abnormally invested in my success for this event... as much as my dad was invested in making sure i didn't get fat when i was a teenager. While I'm so grateful to have such a dedicated trainer, it's also shocking to have someone so in my shit! I just have to remember that come Sunday, I'll have put in my 100% best given that this is my first time around at this intense of an event.  (writing this helps me convince myself...)  

What's done is done....i've got a few workouts left for the week and a sports massage tomorrow night and all i can do is drink my body weight in water, sleep sleep sleep, breathe and trust that i'll make it through this.

I've had a couple friends and family already reach out to me and send me good vibes...
  • Katie Davis, a friend of mine at Sun
  • My mom and sister, Cristina - both of whom were afraid a shark might attack me. (My race is in a lake.).
  • Alix, my other sister - who wants me to come over for a "carbo-load" this week... sounds good to me! I never pass up a good, heavy meal of carbs!
  • Rebecca Baker, the first trainer I had in 2007 that helped me get back into exercising again. It was her very steady and consistent approach that helped me find my mojo.  Slow and steady always wins.... and never ever EVER giving up.
  • My dad who calls about once a month and lets me brag about all my little achievements with this challenge.
  • and of course, my poor husband, who has endured every single day of me waking up at wee hours of the morning to workout, listened to my groans as I howl to stand up, sit down, walk, etc... , watched my constant battle with sugar (and seen me repeatedly lose), listened to my endless talk about the upcoming event, my competitive nature, my are-you-out-of-your-effing-mind thoughts, all my experiences in training - the highs, lows, etc... (thank God for my husband.)
Anyway, Wildflower is 6 days away....   any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.


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Alix said...

Watch out for those sharks!! You will do wonderfully. I have a little gift for you at the end of your event!